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TMC Software
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 TMC Software

TMC Software
Utilities and Libraries to facilitate systems integration

If you intend to control your terminals using one of your own programmes, we strongly advise you to use the TMC libraries or controls. It allows you to become a member of a user community.
Always updated to support the most recent hardware
Can be downloaded from our web site at any time.
If you have any problems we can try to resolve them by reproducing your installation in test conditions.
TMC's libraries (and OCXs) provide you with the technical information and instruments required to programme a TMC NET92 network and PROX+, TRAX+P and EnTRAX terminals in a Windows or MS/DOS environment.
The libraries include updated versions of the communication libraries, simple demonstration programmes and documentation.
The sources of the demonstration programmes are also included.

A Personal Computer with Windows '98 tm or following.

All the libraries can be downloaded from TMC's web site. Please contact TMC to obtain the necessary password.

Windows Libraries
NET92 Libraries

Can be used in Windows 3.11, Win 95/98/Me and NT/2000 environments, using 981 PSLD/3 or 985 MicroLD line drivers.
They allow you to transmit/receive messages to/from a network of terminals using NET92 protocol. The polling cycle must be implemented by the users.
Supplied in DLL format, 16 or 32 bits (NET92.DLL and NET92C.DLL).
The structure of the network and the communications protocol are described in the documentation supplied with the libraries. Demonstration programmes showing uses of the libraries with Visual Basic, Visual "C" and Delphi are available.


Etherctrl.ocx / EtherCtlTest.exe for developing your programs for real time (on-line) or off-line ap-plications. Demo program for evaluation and testing.
For terminals connected via Ethernet-TCP/IP networks. Requires EtherLite adapter or integrated TMC ethernet terminals (i.e. EtherTRAX).

Pollengine.ocx / EtherCtlTest.exe Net92 protocol handler with integrated programmable polling cycle. For developing developing your programs for real time (on-line) or off-line applications.
For TMC terminals connected to the Personal Computer via RS485-NET92, using PSLD/3 or MicroLD interfaces.
PROX Libraries

To communicate with PROX+ compatible terminals from a PC in Win 95/98, NT/2000 via NET92, RS232, Current Loop, modem, Ethernet-TCP/IP. For NOT-realtime applications.
The PROX functions of the library offer you a high level interface for communication sessions with PROX+, TRAX+P and EtherTRAX+P terminals , independently of the NET92 polling cycle and the standard serial communications procedures. You can use a single function to receive or send files to/from PROX+ whatever communication mode you choose (NET92, RS232, Ethernet-TCP/IP).
Supplied in DLL format, 32 bits (NET92.DLL and NET92C.DLL). The documentation supplied describes the functions and explains the error codes, and example programmes with their sources are provided.

A utility for Windows 95/98 & NT/2000. Allows you to test comunications between terminals and to carry out manual configurations.

The TMCDllDemo program demonstrates the DLL's working and it allows interactive configuration/test of the terminals.

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